Make Diagnosing Easier

A unique collection of procedure and concept videos that dynamically illustrate and explore anatomy and physiology to prime residents for hands on work in their field.

Plus thousands of images to help make diagnosing easier.

A unique collection of over 160 surgical videos and animations that goes inside the anatomy to show step-by-step how to perform basic and advanced surgical procedures.

An extensive collection of 16,000+ high quality full-color images to assist in visual diagnosis, and step-by-step procedures.

Exploring Essential Surgery introduces basic surgical concepts and techniques to the medical student. Each learning module is grouped by region for ease of study. Numerous videos, images, and definitions comprise each module, giving context to the topic.

Exploring Essential Radiology helps medical students and residents develop their imaging interpretation skills in various modalities as well as various anatomical regions. These modules offer the chance for learners to sharpen their clinical knowledge and diagnostic skills

Patient safety modules will provide you with an introduction to the core concepts of patient safety in an interactive and self-paced learning environment.

AccessEmergency Medicine

160+ procedural videos and animations detailing emergency medicine and pediatric procedures designed to help users through basic and advanced skills procedures, brief interventions, and applications of decision rules.

More than 10,000 high-quality images that includes common and uncommon clinical presentations and imaging studies of children and adults for quick diagnosis.

Anatomy and Physiology Revealed is a unique multimedia study aid designed to help you explore human anatomy using cadaver specimens and master physiology concepts through animation.

Learn key neuroscience and neuroanatomy concepts as they relate to physical therapy through an ongoing lecture series, Essentials of Neuroscience in Physical Therapy, which combines graphics, case studies, and narration.

A robust library of more than 500 narrated videos designed to teach exercise and rehabilitation techniques, kinetics, and physical therapy interventions – allowing PTs to form a plan of care faster than ever before.

Speed diagnosis and treatment, or prepare for lectures and presentations, with thousands of quality images, including anatomical illustrations and imaging studies.

A robust library of  animations, images, pediatric anesthesiology lectures, and procedural and pharmacology videos designed to guide students, residents, faculty, and practicing anesthesiologists through basic and advanced skills including exclusive ultrasound, regional anesthesia, and advanced monitoring videos.

Patient Safety modules will provide you with an introduction to the core concepts of patient safety in an interactive and self-paced learning environment.

Encontrará una colección de vídeos que incluye exámenes físicos, procedimientos médicos, archivos de audio, lecciones de farmacología y animaciones de conceptos complicados presentados en términos que los estudiantes puedan entender, incluso vídeos que ilustran conceptos médicos fundamentales extraídos del libro médico más consultado del mundo: Harrison. Principios de Medicina Interna.

Visual & Auditory Diagnosis Aids

AccessCardiology has a unique library of multimedia, including videos and echocardiograms. Ther is also an exclusive, online-only heard sounds collection to help fullows master their cardiac auscultation skills.